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Day Tour From Rome To Florence With A Private Car Booking

Day tour from Rome to Florence

Book a day tour from Rome to Florence and enjoy the beautiful Renaissance city in a comfortable and safe day’s journey. The journey from Rome to Florence is a comfortable 4 hours, but it is not recommended for tourists to self-drive in Rome’s infamous traffic. Having a driver with over twenty years of experience driving in Italy can give you a very comfortable journey to Florence. The route from Rome to Florence is a beautiful one with plenty of sights along the way, though if you want to complete the trip in a single day detours may not be possible. When you get to Florence, you will be stunned by the city’s beauty. It is a historic city, and the streets are not designed to handle modern traffic, but in expert hands, your private car booking will let you enjoy a smooth ride to the sites around the city. A special ZTL permit is required to drive in the historic center, which most car rentals do not have. But you can expect our drivers to be equipped with all the permits needed to give you a comfortable ride in the historical part of the city. There are many parking areas located across the city, and your driver will be aware of all the convenient places to park while you get out and explore the attractions. When you take a day tour from Rome to Florence, there are plenty of sights that you should not miss.

Enjoy a fantastic Day Tour from Rome to Florence

Florence is a riverside city and it is also surprisingly small, but there are so many things to see there, you may not cover everything even on multiple trips. You can stand on a bridge over the River Arno and watch the different views that inspired so many artists for hundreds of years. You can join the huge groups of tourists that visit the city for its art, as Florence was the place where the Renaissance began, when the city was known as Firenze. The narrow streets of the city will remind you of the Renaissance, and there are so many stories that these streets tell. The food and wine in Florence is also soexcellent that food connoisseurs all over the world recognize the quality label of Fiorentina. Some of the sites that you must visit during your tour from Rome to Florence include the piazzas of the city, like the Piazza della Signoria, where you will often find statues by Michelangelo and other famous sculptors. The Ponte Vecchio or bridge over the Arno is also a must-see. Be sure to visit at least a few of the numerous museums and beautiful churches in the city, including the Accademia Gallery, the fantastic Uffizi Gallery, the Santa Maria Novella church, the Pitti Palace, the Chiostro dello Scalzo and others. Book a day tour from Rome to Florence with us and you can enjoy a very memorable trip away from the bustle of Rome.

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