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Ancient Ostia Tour In A Private Car For A Half-day Trip From Rome

Enjoy fantastic Ancient Ostia Tour with chauffeured private car

An Ancient Ostia Tour from Rome makes for a very good day trip, especially when you have a private car with a chauffeur to drive you around. You can book a private tour with us and enjoy the ruins in the meadows on the banks of the Tiber River at your own leisurely pace. Ostia was an important ancient port city, and was a bustling and colorful place. According to legend, it was founded at the Tiber’s mouth in the 7th century BC. Angus Marciusto, then king, built the port city to help protect Rome against attacks from the sea. Today the ruins of this city are located twenty miles from Rome, and three kilometers from the sea. As is the case with many ancient ports, the river’s silt buildup eventually silted up the port. The ruins of Ostia sprawl across 10,000 acres, with a main street over a mile long. During your Ancient Ostia Tour, you will be able to experience what the city was like thousands of years ago, since the countryside is very flat and rural. The tour will open your eyes to the excellent planning of the ancient city, where many of the houses still stand side by side in a grid-like layout.

Benefits of Ancient Ostia Tour

Book a private chauffeur-driven car with us to enjoy a tour of this excellent site, and you can see how common life was lived in Roman cities better than you can in Pompei and Herculaneum where the wealthy Romans lived. The Ostia Tour will give you a very good idea of how Roman cities were built. The city has been preserved well, so that you can climb to the tops of the insulae (apartment buildings) to look down into snack shops and bars, bakeries and well-preserved marble communal toilets at the street level. The site was abandoned around the 5th century, as more functional ports opened up nearby and the Tiber silted up Ostia.

Book a trip to Ostia with us and you can have an enjoyable day away from the bustle of Rome’s city life. It is the perfect trip to take when you are short on time, since the journey takes a little more than an hour. When you have booked with us, our car and driver will pick you up from your designated location and take you comfortably, safely and directly to the ruins. Our prices are fixed, and you can rest assured that you will have a hassle-free trip when you book an Ancient Ostia tour with us.

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